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Established in 1995 and based in London, we produce software products for professional publishers and content creators. The company is still owned by its founders and you will always be able to have direct contact with them as well as other directors, senior management and development engineers. We are very proud of our dedicated team whose specialist knowledge comes from many years of combined experience serving the newspaper magazine and financial publishing markets with innovative solutions based on Quark, Adobe and other 3rd party technologies combined with that of our own applications.

We have products for many types of specialist publishing needs: Editorial, Advertising, Flat Planning, Financial Printing, Pricing and Database Links, Connectivity of QuarkXPress and the Quark Publishing System to Lotus Notes and output of files into XML and other formats for re-use in Web applications. We also produce the PRICEPANEL XTension and PRICEPANEL XTServer used by holiday companies and tour operators to automatically produce price panels in holiday brochures.

Our clients rely on our products to enable them to produce published work on time every time.

We are a growing company and always looking for opportunities to enhance the capabilities of publishing solutions. Please see the Custom Development section if you have any requirements that your present system does not fulfil.

If you would like to know more about EMS, please do not hesitate to Request Information, we will be pleased to get in touch with you.

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