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We have a wide range of experience in custom software development projects. These projects are often enhancements to QuarkXPress, Adobe InDesign or MS Word and based on our existing technologies. Other projects have been stand-alone independent of a host application but all relate to our skills and knowlegde of the publishing markets we serve.

Our development team will work with you to produce a specification of the project and then quickly and efficiently produce the final product.

Examples of these projects include:
- The linking of advertising booking systems to QPS and QuarkXPress for page dummying.
- Flat planning and placement of booked advertisements.
- Links to wire services with selective story matching and automatic import of text.
- The Automatic export of documents for archiving systems, and output to on-line services.
- Automatic pricing and price updating for catalogue production
- Automatic creation of directories, TV listings and catalogues
- Enhancements to our Blacklining Programs.

Please Request Information if you have special requirements that you think we may able to help you with. We would be pleased to discuss them with you.

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